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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm NOT changing my calendar


Citizenbfk says: "I'm NOT changing my calendar."

This challenge and changing or our Western world’s common calendar dating system is annoying. I was trying to read up a Wikipedia story and I found the dating system of BCE and CE distracting --- and it’s questionable to challenge and change the dating system of the Western world for the last hundreds of years. Is Wikipedia and others who do this trying to be politically correct? -- Who says this is politically correct? Muslims? Jews? -- 'It seems foolish since the pivotal date is still linked to the birth of Christ'.

I’m not a Christian anymore but I was raised so and see value in that culture and the "golden rule," for those Christians who actually practice what they preach (i.e. treat others like you would like to be treated: the one and only commandment of Jesus Christ) -- but, even though my personal beliefs have evolved I’m sorry, I’m not changing my calendar and won’t link to any articles that do - and find it impossible to read through them since I find the changing of the current worldwide Western calendar system is distracting, and that single fact is perhaps the most valid consideration in writing: does any change make it better or worse? easier to understand or not?

Changing the dating system brings up other issues unrelated to the content of the Topic, what I’m interested in reading about. It’s distracting and annoying.

I’d encourage Christians, btw, to 'wake up,' about this subversion of their culture. First Christmas becomes Xmas, and Saint Santa Claus more important than the birth of Christ, and TV all about Old Testament stories and Zionist spins of the story of Jesus (like 'King of Kings') which wraps up the story of Christ with Zionist revolution against Rome -- sickening, truly sickening. And now we have a dating system that deletes Christ...well, I’m not on board and who exactly is?

And any soft soap that wants to wash this away as minor or understandable is slush or slurry, tripe or trash, (take your pick). A fundamental tenet of the Western world is being subverted right under our noses and something doesn’t smell right about it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WH Press Secretary Slashes 'Lefties."

In an interview with The Hill, Gibbs said some on the left wouldn't be satisfied until the U.S. had "Canadian health care and we've eliminated the Pentagon." He said people who say President Barack Obama is like George Bush "ought to be drug-tested."

Very funny. Very true. Now we're still waiting to see better results.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Economist Consider Bush Tax Cuts

Yesterday I heard someone say, "If you laid all the world's economist end to end, you still wouldn't reach a conclusion."

All this blah blah talk does provide a smokescreen, though, for shipping our jobs overseas (with taxpayer support), giving government subsidies to the richest oil companies in the world (with taxpayer support), making laws for the benefit of the Big Banks, Big Insurance and Big Business interests rather than the average citizen, etc.

We are fortunate, though, that we appear to have a President who has a heart, integrity, and is trying to take steps in the right direction. The current issue is a clear as the difference between night and day: Let the unfair Bush Tax Cuts for the SuperRich expire -- they are not paying their fair share and we need the money.

All those economist laying on the road, btw, almost half say giving tax cuts to the SuperRich helps generate jobs. Almost all the other half are sailing on the yatch's the Superrich own, or bowing down at the Queen's carriage: They know who butter's their bread.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Email Posting! Web Site Refreshed. In a Delicious Cloud. I've Been Clipped Marked.

The last few days have been dedicated to 'riding the social media bull,' -- so please excuse any duplicate

duplicates that may have been duplicated, 'cause I'm trying to Amplify my thoughts, i.e. where a clip

or comment automatically goes from one social media bulletin board to another.

This way, any Tweet I make would resonate from the White House, through CNN to the Great Wall of


Cool, and this post is the first test of doing that with just an email.

A cool new thing discovered along the way was an auto-generated 'Delicious Cloud.'…um, a 'cloud,'

is a list of tags, so larger than others and a bit hard to describe unless you've seen one.

To see MyDeliciousCloud, it's on the Home Page of ACT, at: http://www.americancitizenstogether.org/ACT/home.html

and it goes from  9/11, ACT,  to zionism, zionist. (Numbers, apparently, are on the top of the tag list).

It was impressive 'cause I have done a lot of 'clipping,' of bookmarks; I definitely save a lot of links to topics and issues

I find interesting.

But I never expected to turn 'em all into a "Cloud."

Yet, it was the feature of being able to tag bookmarks that attracted me to Delicious.

Someday I suppose we all have our own Tag Clouds -- we could print 'em out on T-shirts.

Walk around wearing them, never at a loss for words - or topics to bring up.

"Just pick a Tag, any tag," we could say. And conversation would be off and running.



Back On the Social Media Bullride

I appreciate the easy and features of Google Blogger a lot, but now setting up 'syndication,' to other noted sites. When my tweets wind up on the White House Facebook page and CNN, then I'll be satisfied.

(Note: If you do an Image Search on either Google or Bing for "False Intel Iraq," and/or "False Intelligence Iraq," a pic I made (or some pics I used on my web site posts and writing) will come up Number #1.

One site better for the images/pics -- another site better for the web pages, etc. -- so now trying to improve all this and continue to 'kick the can down the road."

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